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"Tears Off" Wallpaper is ready!

Feel fed up with the monotonous regularity on your bedroom wall decorated with same old wallpaper? Just tear it off! And create a uniquely looking distinctive design of your own. In other words, here's the new and exciting addition to ZNAK wallpaper collection – „Tears off".

The interactive wallpaper design "Tears off" is developed in collaboration with emerging Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese ( and the Berlin design duo Studio Hausen ( It looks just like a regular wallpaper – white and simple, featuring light perforated pattern. But here comes the secret - the design of perforation is made in a way, which lets you develop a unique design by tearing off peaces of wallpaper. The color and pattern of the wall behind the wallpaper will create additional dimension to the design.

The concept is inspired by a situation well known to anyone who has experienced the challenges of relocation. Quite often it is hard to choose between renovation or preservation of certain elements in the place you proudly call home. That old style wallpaper tells a magnificent story about the past, and that odd color on your soon-to-be-bedroom wall is a testimony of historical importance. It certainly needs some refreshing redecoration, but wouldn't it be nice to keep those suggestive undertones of times long forgotten. Even when your child made his own “ beautiful” artwork directly on your wall, this wallpaper gives you the oportunity to frame this artwork and tur it into the peace of design. The ZNAK "Tears off" wallpaper is a beautiful and creative solution for such situations.

Tearing off peaces from the wallpaper is an easy and creative process. Creating new design is just like putting together Lego bricks. Everyone can become a real wallpaper designer with „Tears off”. Just tear it off and enjoy the new unique design created by no one else but you! And if you're still not satisfied, you can always tear some more...
If you have a particular interest in this product, please call us or send an e-mail.